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Conical cup with scenes from Biblical Lord's prayer

Conical cup with scenes from Biblical Lord's prayer

City Museum Bratislava

MMB U-01212

PhDr. Zuzana Francová

Material and techniques:
transparent blown glass, engraving

height 136 mm, bottom Ø 67 mm, upper Ø 80 mm, thickness of glass ~1 mm

Bohemia, Jizerské hory – area of influence of A. Simm
Former owner: Sonnenschein, Bratislava

1st half of the 19. century

Massive bottom, conical form. There are 7 picture fields, ended on the top by a double arch. Between them are vertical lines. There are pictures of the eye of God in a triangle between the arches. Every of the 7 fields pictures a biblical scene referencing a part of the Lord's prayer.

Vater unser

Our Father in heaven
Father God sitting on a trone, with a crown on His head and with the Earth in His hands.

Geheiliget werde dein Name

Hallowed be Your name

Two angels praying facing each other, a pillar that divides them.

Zukomme uns dein Reich

Your kingdom come

Nativity - Virgin Mary and st. Joseph in an interior, the baby lies among them. In the background heads of a cow and a donkey.

Dein Wille gescheh

Your will be done

Jesus praying. On the right side sacral architecture with a high tower.

Gib uns unseres täglich Brod

Give us this day our daily bread

A figure of a man standing, profile view. He relies on a stick. A tree on the right, a hint of landscape.

Vergib uns unsere Schuld

And forgive us our debts

Peter denying Jesus. A figure of Peter, relying on a stick. He holds a key in his other hand. A rooster is on the left.

Führe uns nicht in Versuchung

And lead us not into temptation

Adam and Eve by the Tree of knowledge, there is the serpent present.

Erlöse uns von Übel Amen

But deliver us from evil

Crucifixion. Jesus on the cross, a tree on the left and on the right side, hilly terain.