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Clothing of an Ausschussman of Hungary

Clothing of an Ausschussman of Hungary

Slovak mining museum Banska Stiavnica

Mgr. Zuzana Denkov√°

German word Ausschuss (in translation committee) customary from the Middle Ages to the mid - 20th century. He was a member of the mining fraternity in the past centuries, a member of the mining militia. He wore red pants, a white coat and green hat. He wore regular mininer's accessories - Fokos - a mining stick. The first written record of the Brotherhood from the archive of Banska Bystrica is from 1463. Ausschussman's services constitute special handling insignia (gold plated hammer, candlestick, flag) during mining parades, miners' Mass, marriage and burial. Wearing of flag, candle burners, singing mining songs, knocking drums and knocker, in the past, volleys of firearms. Any major mining village had Ausschussmen and their services some thirty - forty years ago. Several villages remain, where these ceremonies preserved - in Slovakia it is only in the village of Spania Dolina.

Ausschussman's green hat

Jacket with collar (damask) with so called rollers and drapery on shoulders

Candlestick - typical for Hungarian Ausschussman (for illuminating liturgical rites)

So called "oŇ°liador" of leather with brass buckle, decorated with relief decoration (mining sign)

Pants with stripes of English cloth decorated with lace

Leather boots (general type)