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Torah in enclosure

Torah in enclosure

SNM - Museum of Jewish culture, Bratislava


Materials and techniques:
casing and interior made of wood coated with burgundy velvet lining

height 920 mm, diameter 250 mm

Casing of the enclosure has pressed pieces with floral decoration on the velvet lining. The upper part comprises of stylised crown for Torah with 6 chains with metal shells instead of bells. There are two metal bars, apparently holding the Torah roll. Around the perimeter there is a stylized strip of metal symbolizing the crown with hebrew writings. The enclosure is closed by two small hooks. It is lined inside with burgundy velvet. The sacred roll of Torah is fitted on two wooden bars. The hebrew texts are written using a rare ink. In the interior's upper part, there are 6 lines of handwritten hebrew text on a floral decorated cartouche behind a glass. Dating - 20th century.

Opened enclosure

Detail, closed enclosure

Detail, opened enclosure